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Dazzling entrance into the Capitol in McQueen

Dazzling entrance into the Capitol in McQueen

Now if you aren’t acquainted with Hunger Games a) have you been hibernating in a digital void and b) are you nuts?! Such is the vehemence of passion I feel for this franchise which has spawned millions of fans and the birth of a mega star in Jennifer Lawrence – who I adore for so many reasons including her fearless attitude towards the act of acting and towards her daring fashions.

If you are familiar with the franchise (95% of the universe) then you know that the first film (inspired by the best selling book series) was a good start but altogether a little too basic. But like a great starter it opened your appetite for things to come – like the evolution of Katniss and the exploration of symbolism within the Hunger Games saga. The first movie was raw in its portrayal of the dystopian universe of Katniss’ world and the sickeningly cruel reality of the Hunger Games themselves where 12 districts provide 2 tributes to fight to the death with only 1 victor. For the second installment everything is heightened to the next level including the emotion, the gritty story and the fantastic fashions of the Capitol as well as Katniss, the protagonist.

Accomplished costume designer for the second movie Trish Summerville had decided with director Francis Lawrence that they, “wanted it [the movie] overall to have a darker feel, a moodier feel, an escalated feel, a higher fashion feel.” This is so obviously depicted in the high fashion couture of Effy (played by Elizabeth Banks) whose casual wearing of extremely high end Alexander McQueen bespoke dresses lends itself to our viewing of her as the paragon of excess and disgust we feel towards the Capitol in comparison to the desolate and utilitarian garb of the districts.

Effy in McQueen Red

Straight from McQueen and OVER accessorized – love it

Utiliarian hunger games outfit

Another bespoke McQueen covered in individual butterfly-shaped feathers / stark contrast to the district 12 victors beside her

Effy over the top

Serving top trend – texture clash – with a little couture slouch #werk

Effy’s wardrobe isn’t the only stand out in the movie, Cinna (Katniss’ stylist played by the beauty that is Lenny K) looked effortless chic but in a very manly way, but Summerville was most delighted to be styling the revolutionary and much sough after Jennifer Lawrence as the iconic Katniss whose rise from the first film in terms of her career as well as style have been as high flying as the mockinjay of the movie.

Unlike Katniss’ character who is a somewhat reluctant rebel plunged into the world of fashion, smiles and facade Jennifer Lawrence glides through the a-list minefield of celebrity faux-pas’ and fashion with the grace of a swan and maturity of a veteran. Everyone who is anyone was forced to take note of the spectacular wedding dress Katniss wore in the movie which transformed in a blaze of flames into something else (watch the film to see) and this look is so tailored to Jen Law that no-one could have pulled it off better (below). Cinna helps Katniss from the beginning of the saga and even more so in this movie to embrace the person she is becoming as a symbol of transformation, power and rebellion for the districts.

Katniss in wedding dress

Katniss in wedding dress

Even off the screen at the premieres Jennifer Lawrence showcased her style supremacy as the face of Dior in elegant yet risque outfits which she wore demurely and underline her presence her as a fantastically real and wholesome role model for young people today, much like Katniss.

Jen Law

Jen Law working that plum lip (hot beauty trend right now)

Dior straight from the runway done the JenLaw way

Dior straight from the runway done the JenLaw way

Returning to the movie, Hunger Games 2 isn’t just about fashion in case you were wondering, but like any great spectacle and art form the visual symbolism and fashion in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire mirrors the tone, complexity and theatre of the content in a way that is overwhelming, real and will leave you longing for more… which is handy as the final installment is out next year and I cannot wait to see what Effy and Katniss will be wearing (although I have read the books and have a vague idea – and I recommend doing that ASAP – *scampers to re-read the series*….)

Mens Clutch

The ultimate winter modern man androgyny look – Rihanna Crop Jumper, Costume High-waisted trousers, Kurt Geiger boots, Zara (forced) man clutch

SO it has been about a month and I have been travelling (back home to Cyprus and for the first time to the gloriously magnificent Florence) so I am sorry for my absence blog buddies.

BUT I am back now and I wanted to provide you all with my favourite trends for the winter months which are upon us/ basically already here if you are anywhere in the UK.

Winter used to be one of those seasons I despised because of the dark mornings, incessant rain and general bleakness in London and in terms of fashion I used to loathe coats and jackets and find them restrictive – the inner Cypriot in me was thinking I should just be in the sun all the time.

However having said all this I have learned over the past couple of years that winter fashion can represent a lot of fun with the way you can layer items, combine and/ or clash textures and fabrics and accessorize the hell out of your outfit more than you can in summer with gloves, hats, earmuffs, capes and so on.


Trends for guys (and to some degree women) for winter are often times rather cyclical – mostly browns, greys and blacks – coats and jumpers and layers with stand out designers being the ones that break convention and smash the more traditional elements of trends with new revolutionary fragments like pink mohack fur hair coats or monster fur key rings for bags by Fendi.

Trends that I adored from AW13 that I would recommend are unusual layering, unconventional colour combos, getting furry and playing with texture.

Fendi, Holly Fulton and Louis Vuitton (under the now exiting Marc Jacobs) had collections that were full of warmth, mixed textures and bold colours.

Fendi texture

Fendi – get minky

Holly Fulton

Crimson fox – Holy Fulton

Louis V

Mad serial killer hair + super chic pjs + crushed velvet jacket = hot mess crazy chic from LV

Each designer brought something new – Fendi played with mink and colour in an unusual and striking way whilst Fulton was very bold with colour and more sparing with the fur items to focus more on her strength in print.

As a guy texture IS something we (the fashion forward have been doing this for some time robbing from the ladies collections) can get involved in more now and I have really enjoyed exploring these trends myself across my travels and daily life.


Owning my first piece of fur (I am not very PC – sorry) changed the way I felt about winter – because I was finally warm. #invest (vintage fur)

Mens Clutch 2

The rise of the man clutch is huge right now in mainstream mens fashion – if you are more fashion savvy you would have been on this already so experiment more (my bag is metallic Zara – this is me in Florence btw)

Mens clutch 3

One of my latest additions to my plentiful man clutch collection – #invest (asos clutch – rings vintage)

Texture - fure

BE BOLD – get furry – trust me, nothing feels better

Texture velvet

Velvet isn’t just for mens blazers (though most mainstream fashion people would tell you so) experiment with jumpers (this is ASOS womens but hey) and trousers and slippers


Besides enjoying my exploration of the texture trend I stumbled upon the great joy of an espresso martini – kind of like a tiramsu in a martini glass but less sweet (bag is KG/ wallet McQueen)

I have previously blogged about the greatness of Christmas jumpers and believe they are so kitsch and I still love them/ have bought more (take a look at the top 25 at http://ldnfashion.com/news-features/top-25-best-mens-christmas-jumpers/) but looking at winters trends that will last and having staple pieces which you can play with like a classic man clutch or moc croc shoes or a reptile print shirt will add edge and a hint of the dynamic to any modern man and should make your life easier especially in regards to the man clutch as stuff in pockets is sooo 10 years ago.

If you aren’t that comfortable with fur and other more ‘fashion forward’ textures I would that doesn’t mean you have to go cold – try out the fantastic uni qlo thermal wear or just invest in one amazing coat that is classic yet unusual enough to not be too mainstream.

Till next time wrap up, never be afraid to try something new or bold and enjoy winter for all it’s chilly greatness.

Holla CD xoxo

One of my own favourite outfits for LFW - asos, vintage, costume - hmm furry

Me in my favourite outfit for LFW – asos, vintage, costume – hmm furry

London. I never tire of this city. It is my birthplace and the stylistic womb from which my eclectic/ cross dressing style sprang from. It is the house of all my creative visions as it is for so many flamboyant and fashionably adventurous Londonders. However, I must say that SS14 London Fashion Week was one of the more disappointing fashion weeks I have seen the city produce with even the renowned Bryan Boy jokingly insulting us by quoting Miranda Prisley – “florals… for spring… mind-blowing” (said sardonically). Not only were many of the collections featuring the synonymous spring staple of flowers and floral motifs which have been done to death but many collections looked very same-ish and had repeated past trends such as pastels with camel and recycled prints. This is not a great endorsement for my city that I know is full to the brim with new talent and vibrancy.

This being said, some designers did stand out for me during LFW like J W Anderson. His unusual take on menswear – the crazy halter necks and pleated dresses – scared me half to death recently but this was totally pushed aside with an innovative, smart and elegantly wearable womenswear collection which incorporated layering with sheer to a stunning effect.

J W Anderson 2 J W Anderson 1 J W Anderson 4

J W Anderson 3

Anderson’s simple use of monochrome colours with just a splash of vibrant red later in the collection allowed for the great shapes he created to shine through themselves with an innovative take on femininity and use of dimension in the crop tops and unusual angles of the collection. Not for the fainthearted still but extremely eye-catching and beautiful in both shape and form.

Another great LFW collection for me was Giles Deacon. Giles went for the slightly more unconventional approach to spring than Anderson’s sheer flow-iness and opted for an eerie vision that included portrait prints injected on dresses, jackets and tops juxtaposed with lip prints and ended in a gothic explosion of black.

Giles 3 Giles 1 Giles 2 Giles gothic

Giles’ collection was striking and strong and similarly to Katrantzou who also emphasized print, outlined the ever changing power of print and imagery which is still evolving in the fashion universe.

Having said all this, I have to admit that perhaps my favourite London Fashion Week collection has to come (sadly) from the beautiful mind of the American design giant, Tom Ford. When asked what he wanted the Tom Ford lady to be he exclaimed, “powerful, powerful, powerful”, and this power is extremely evident in the feeling of elegance, sex, opulence and innovative perfection Ford pours lovingly into his clothes.

Tom Ford sheer Tom Ford sex Tom Ford punk Tom Ford pink layers

Making use of furs, skins, sequin shards and mirrors Ford’s collection was everything – featuring glitz and glamour, lots of leg and tonnes of decadent materials and designs. You can therefore understand why he was my favourite stand out from the week, and why I hope that us Londoner’s can match up to this talent in the next fashion week!

Can’t wait for Paris – holla CD xoxo


Sandals for men generally get a bad press and to a degree this is a fair judgement due to the lack of male grooming in the majority and also a misconception that sandals are only for the most fashion forward of men.

Although the trend for cosmopolitan, groomed men is no longer a rumoured myth and carefully put together men now roam our streets, it is still common enough that many men pay little attention to their feet, thus making the sandals look impossible or badly executed. Now this does not necessarily mean guys need to have nail varnish on their toes or even a French manicure but a neat shape-up and definitely grooming any hair growth is essential for summer and in line with the view of being more ‘cosmopolitan’, which is where male grooming is heading. As we near the height of the August holiday season it is worth explaining the different trends for sandals and summer footwear and how you can wear them best.

Firstly, the key to any stylish summer outfit is to find balance between something that has a revealing nature or that is transparent contrasted with something layered or opaque. For example when wearing short shorts teaming this with a vest and flip flops reveals a ton of flesh, however if you were to team shorts with an oversized or fitted shirt/ jumper- depending on the shape of the shorts – then the silhouette created is much more interesting and allows you to play with more accessories. The goal for summer outfits is to never show too much of any one body part because makes your outfit seem more finished and even men need to leave something to the imagination.


Italian designers often favour sandals for their summer collections designed with luxurious, quality leather and fashioned in elaborate and colourful ways.


Versace SS13 2 Versace ss13 Versace ss14

Versace is one of the more flamboyant and braver menswear design houses in Italy with a pension for having a runway of half-naked men looking like classical gods like in their SS13 collection with strappy up-the-leg sandals that look like they came straight from Olympus. Similarly for next season Versace uses sandals again but with a more subtle touch to allow for more colour and print in the garments themselves.

Dolce and Gabbana

D & G sandals from SS13 Dolce & Gabbana SS13 line Dolce & Gabbana SS14

The famous Italian duo, Dolce and Gabbana, are likewise renowned for showcasing half-naked adonis’ on their runway. In their SS13 collection they choose to go for a more rustic, traditional vision of an Italian boy with a beaten, almost worn style to their sandals, whilst for SS14 they went straight back to Roman mythology with classic column prints and strappy sandals.

Givenchy (Paris)

Givenchy SS13 sandals Givenchy SS13 Givenchy-SS14-1

It isn’t just the Italians though that love sandals but more edgy designers like to feature sandals for their summer collections like French fashion power house Givenchy, which featured chained sandals for their SS13 collection and more sport-luxe metallic sandals for their latest SS14 offering.

Wearing sandals is a great comfort for men whose feet are often shackled to the confines of brogues and trainers but like anything worthwhile one must invest in grooming time and find the right style and pair that matches your wardrobe and personal style.

Men’s Fashion Trends: Slogan Tees

Jay Z we totally respect you for the Holy Grail and for repping the slogan trend and making a truly well-founded point about celebrity and about fashion too. But before this vogue of stars making a point on t-shirts where did the trend for slogans come from and why is it suddenly getting so popular?

Slogan t-shirts and sweaters were originally a huge trend during the 80s punk-rock, rebel era and were another form of expression for the hip 80s crowd. Leaders of this trend in the 80s included Betty Jackson and her collection of colourful slogan jumpers and crop tops and of course the 80s brand that has now been resurrectedBoy London, which has seen a huge revival by fashion icons like Rihanna.

slogan tees 001

Most commonly worn with denim, shades and sneakers the slogan trend had very a casual vibe in the 80s, however this trend has been taken to great new heights in today’s fashion-sphere with pioneering designs, more controversial and ironic puns on big brands and through the use of graphic prints which have all given this trend a huge fashion update.

On The Runway

Several designers at London Collections: Men and across the globe have featured slogan designs in different and interesting ways.

Astrid Andersen

Astrid’s collection at the MAN showcase (an initiative started by Topman and Fashion East in 2005) was inspired by body building and power dressing with big boxy shapes in strong gold and purple colours, whilst her use of her own brand as a slogan only added to the powerful impact of the clothes.

slogan tees 002


Comparatively, super fun knitwear label, Sibling, went to another extreme with their interesting use of slogans against bulky layered shapes, which emphasised the great embroidery skill of their collection and in terms of their slogans, ‘GO TO HELL’, we are sure that their crazy/ trendy puns will be a huge hit with their fans!

slogan tees 003

Xander Zhou

Whilst the other two designers favoured the more sport-luxe, casual version of the slogan trend it can also be worn in a more formal way as arty designer Xander Zhou shows with his deconstructed aesthetic featuring great roll-neck crop top and trouser combinations and off-the-shoulder dynamic garments. Obviously this is a bit more fashion forward but a fantastic example of how to dress up a slogan top/jumper.

slogan tees 004

In Store // How To Wear It:

We at MFM are aware that, although these runway versions of the slogan trend are superb and fashion forward, some more conservative men would like to play down the trend for a more ‘ready-to-wear’ feel and here’s how you can.

Logo Prints

With style icons like Dizzie Rascal, Tinnie Tempah and Cara Delevigne making brands like Boy London, Homies and Hype big names – it is has now become even easier to get your hands on simple, logo printed t-shirts like the ones below, which can just be flung on with some jeans and trainers and you are good to go.

boy london vestboy london logo teeboy london eagle tee

money tshirthype teehomies tee

Print & Slogan

If you wanted to add a little bit more edge and more fashion forward edge you could explore tops with slogans imprinted on or behind graphic images for a bigger statement and to lift your outfit further, like ASOS’ hot new brand Sons of the Silent Age which uses classical art with a varsity edge.

silent age teesilent age zero teesilent age slush tee

Graphic As Slogan

However if you want to make your slogan tee more formal or for a nice night out then Givenchy’s graphic print designs are your answer as they have substituted slogans for iconic images that are synonymous with the brand such as the Madonna themed motif and the new Doberman.

doberman teemadonna teebalenciaga tee

sin star white teesolid tee with printblood brother tee

Slogan Sweats/ Jumpers

And just in case you felt the weather was getting a little peaky or if you are more comfortable in sweaters or even if you wanted to wear a jumper instead of a light jacket these are some great options to wear with dark denim or shorts for a truly trendy, Shoreditch-esque look.

yarsity sweatshirtdoberman sweatshirtsilent age sweatshirt


So we hope you enjoyed this exploration of the slogan trend in all it’s forms as we believe this trend is already pretty big news but will only continue to get bigger as it starts to transform further. You just have to remember that the key to this trend is to stay playful, even if you are wearing a top as a tank over a nice shirt in a formal look – be imaginative and get creative guys because it’s our turn to have fun with fashion.